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A copyright's effectiveness is designed for the long term

Copyrights are designed to help people protect their intellectual property. They protect original works such as music or literature. They're designed to stay with you for life and beyond, helping you protect the work you put so much effort into.

Your work is protected by copyright as soon as it is created and in a tangible form. You don't even have to register it, although it is a good idea to do so.

Scientists accused of stealing from GlaxoSmithKline

Here's an interesting story about a second scientist who has pleaded guilty to stealing trade secrets from GlaxoSmithKline. This was the second former scientist who had worked for the company to appear in court and plead guilty to stealing the company's secrets to help benefit a pharmaceutical company based in China that they had been a part in establishing.

The U.S. Department of Justice reported that the trade secrets were going to be used to help set up the company called Renopharma in China. Both employees who had stolen information were reportedly Chinese or of Chinese descent.

Apple and Qualcomm fight over intellectual property theft

If your intellectual property is stolen, it can mean big trouble for your business. Depending on the items taken from you, it may mean that you're no longer the front-runner in the industry or lose your competitive edge.

Qualcomm has accused Apple of handing over its intellectual property to Intel in a long-running legal battle between the two companies. The case claims that Apple has funneled proprietary information about the technology the chip supplier currently uses to Intel Corp., a rival.

Getting the right trademark matters: 3 reasons to get one now

Trademarks are extremely important to your business, and it is wise to understand why. With so much relying on good marketing, your trademark does make a difference.

Here are three reasons you need to get a good trademark and use it exclusively for your products. Understanding these can make it easier to choose and use the right trademark for your business.

There are many steps to getting a patent: Learn more

To get a patent, there are several steps that you need to follow. These include determining the kind of intellectual property protection you need, determining if your invention can receive a patent, deciding what kind of patent you want and getting ready to apply. You will also have to submit an application and work with a patent examiner. If everything goes well, you will receive an approval and must then maintain your patent.

To start with, you will need to decide on the kind of protection you need. You may need patents, trademarks, copyrights or service marks. Once you decide what you want, you will need to determine if you can receive a patent. You cannot get a patent if your invention has been disclosed to the public. For this reason, you should make sure to keep your invention private until you receive the patent.

You can pursue a claim if your patent is violated

You invented a new toy for children, and you were very excited about the potential it had as a product that could make you thousands, if not millions, of dollars. You designed it well and even had your own chemical formulas created specifically for the toy. You patented the chemical because it was unique, which is why you were surprised when another company came out with an almost-identical product.

The new product, which looked like yours give or take a few small details, not only works the same but also seems to have many of the same accessories. What should you do? Can you prove that your patent has been violated?

Are copyrights automatic?

Copyrights aren't always easy to understand, and there is at least one major myth that has to be dispelled immediately involving the ease with which some believe they can obtain a copyright.

The reality is that copyrights aren't necessarily difficult to get, but not everything that you create automatically has one. Here's a little more about copyrights and the myth you shouldn't believe.

Protect your trademark from dilution by speaking out quickly

The dilution of your trademark is a serious offense that you must take legal action against. When trademarks are diluted, it means that someone else is using a similar, or the same, mark and hurting your reputation -or hijacking your brand and customer base.

There are two kinds of dilution to address. They include blurring and tarnishment. If you claim for blurring, it means that the other party used your trademark or a similar mark to reduce the consumer's automatic recognition of the brand. Tarnishment, on the other hand, is when advertising or marketing does something to make consumers look down on or negatively at the owner's trademark. They are different issues, but both can significantly impact your business.

Understanding your trademark: Yes, it's important to register

To protect the interests of your business, you need to understand trademarks and how they are protected. You cannot use another person's trademark, and you don't want someone to use yours without your permission.

Your trademark identifies you, so making sure it's one that you feel appropriately represents you is important. Here's a little more to know about trademarks.

Chemical patents protect you for 20 years

If you work in chemistry, there's a chance you may develop a new chemical or mixture that you need to further develop and protect. Even if you don't work with the specifics of medications or chemical mixtures, you know the importance of protecting your new creation. If you don't, others may use the same formula and, essentially, steal your hard work and any profits that could have come from it.

Patents give you a legal right to prevent others from using or selling your chemical formula, in this case. You'll have to show that it's a unique formula and that it can be used by the industry. Once you can do that and obtain the patent, the patent generally shares publicly anything you detailed about your invention.

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