Patent dispute settled between medical device makers

| Oct 11, 2013 | Patent Law

Our readers in the Sacramento area know how valuable a commodity information can be. A way to protect that information is via a patent, but that isn’t the end of the story. Patents and the information they represent need to be defended from time to time if it appears that they are being violated. This can be especially complicated in the technology sphere, where patent cases over what some might think were minor differences have drawn on for long periods of time.

One patent dispute that has been going on for a while has now been settled. The battle involved two medical device makers: Medtronic, based in Minnesota, and Insulet, based in Massachusetts. Medtronic had asserted that Insulet had violated some of its patents that covered insulin pump technology.

Medtronic is a far bigger company than Insulet — its revenues, in fact, are about $16 billion compared to Insulet’s $200 million. As a result, the longer the issue dragged on, the more worry it created among observers of the smaller company over its stock price.

Precise terms of the settlement weren’t made public, but Insulet made a payment in the millions to Medtronic in order to put the issue to rest. The settlement dictates that Medtronic will also cross-license some of its patents with the smaller company.

Whenever businesses in California are involved in intellectual property disputes, such as over patents, an experienced intellectual property attorney can help to navigate the complex waters and help to determine whether or not a lawsuit is a good course of action to take.

Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune, “Medtronic, Insulet settle patent dispute,” Steve Alexander, Sept. 26, 2013