Copyright is a crucial, but overlooked, part of artistic process

| Nov 2, 2013 | Copyright Law

Many aspects of intellectual property law may seem up-front and transparent at first glance. A copyright application, for example, is relatively easy and straightforward to complete. However, if done improperly, it could leave applicants open to being sued from others who think their copyright is being violated. This is why we refer to the process as a deceptively simple one — it may seem easy, but the consequences of getting it wrong are severe.

Many people in Sacramento in the creative arts community might not realize that they need to protect themselves and their work via copyrights. In fact, a copyright provides legal protection for human expression that is fixed in some kind of tangible medium.

That sounds daunting, but that definition could include:

  • Written works, including books;
  • Music;
  • Forms of artwork, such as sculptures and paintings
  • Software; and
  • Performance art.

Many creative artists are constantly tinkering with their work, updating it to fit the times or to otherwise improve it. Some artists are quite prolific, creating new works of art all the time. Both situations are those in which the services of an attorney with experience in copyright protection could be useful.

In addition to making sure all your creative bases are covered when it comes to applying for copyright protection, legal assistance can be helpful in another aspect. The process for registration can take as little as six months; however, it is not uncommon for a snag in the process to occur and slow down the registration. An experienced copyright law attorney can help to avoid these pitfalls.

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