Patent infringement retrial results in $290 million for Apple

| Nov 26, 2013 | Patent Law

In the biggest jury trial award of 2013 involving a patent case, Apple won damages from Samsung on Nov. 21 amounting to nearly $300 million. The week-long jury trial in a California federal court was the culmination of a retrial involving 13 Samsung devices and includes up to $100 million for just one Samsung product, the Infuse 4G.

In addition to winning the fifth largest total damages in a jury trial of all of 2013, Apple also has the distinction of winning damages from Samsung of as much as $1 billion overall. In a previous trial in 2012, Apple won damages of $1.05 billion against Samsung over the company’s use of copied smartphone technology. However, in March of this year, a U.S. district judge determined that there was a flaw in the verdict based upon miscalculations by jurors regarding how long the patent infringement had taken place at Samsung regarding the devices. At that time, $410.5 million was cut from the amount of damages to be paid by Samsung.

The retrial was an attempt by Apple aimed at restoring $380 million of the amount that was cut; Samsung’s recommendation was only $52 million. Yet another trial is scheduled for March 2014 and will involve even newer smartphone technology. This advanced technology is allegedly used in both the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the Apple iPhone 5.

A company capitalizing on the ideas of another could adversely affect just about any company in and around Sacramento. Patent infringement may be a very complex matter for any small business owner or large corporation. A patent law attorney could help anyone involved in an intellectual property dispute to explore available options and decide if there are grounds for an infringement lawsuit.

Source: Bloomberg, “Apple Wins $290 Million From Samsung in Patent Retrial“, Joel Rosenblatt, November 21, 2013