Same song, different company: Apple sued for patent infringement

| Apr 16, 2014 | Patent Law

Apple is one of the most popular technology companies in the United States, and consumers continue to anxiously wait in line for hours to purchase new Apple products as soon as they are available. Since Apple is one of the most well-know tech companies, it isn’t too surprising that they are named in many intellectual property lawsuits every year. 

Data shows that Apple has been named in 364 patent infringement lawsuits since 2000. That is a high number of lawsuits to be named in, let alone just lawsuits regarding patent infringement. However, when you are one of the most popular tech companies you will likely face more scrutiny and legal action from competitors. 

A recent patent infringement lawsuit filed against Apple is an example of the numerous types of patent cases they have previously faced. The tech company Kudelski has filed a patent lawsuit against Apple, accusing them of using five of their U.S. patents in their Apple products. Some of the products that allegedly contain the company’s patents include iTunes, Safari, iOS devices and Apple TV. 

This case shows how tech companies can face legal action if they are accused of using another company’s patents in their own products. Patent infringement lawsuits and other intellectual property cases can be quite complex depending on how many claims are made against the defendant as well as how many patents are involved. 

While most companies will most likely not face as many patent lawsuits as Apple, being named as a defendant in even one patent case can impact the future of your business. Business owners in California should be aware of ways patent infringement lawsuits can impact their business and their products. Companies that have been named in a patent infringement lawsuit should contact an intellectual property attorney to discuss their specific cases. 

Source: Cult of Mac, “New Patent Suit Confirms Apple’s Status As Most-Sued Tech Company,” Luke Dormehl, April 11, 2014