Software company filed patent infringement lawsuit in California

| Apr 2, 2014 | Intellectual Property Litigation

A recent patent infringement case in California is an example of the legal action companies can take against other businesses for using their patented products and ideas as their own. Open Text Corp. filed an intellectual property lawsuit against Box Inc. for using their patents without their permission.

Open Text is a software company that is commonly used for internet operations. According to the lawsuit, Open Text alleges that Box Inc. has committed more than 200 cases of patent infringement involving several of their patents. The company is seeking more than $268 million in damages. 

The lawsuit was filed in California, and the company also wants the patented products involved in the dispute to not be sold by Box Inc. The court has yet to rule on this so both companies are still waiting to see if Box Inc. will have to stop selling some of their products. Open Text said they filed the lawsuit to stop the company from using their intellectual property that is vital to their business’s success.

Like this case shows, companies in California can file an intellectual property lawsuit against other companies for using or selling products that have a patent. Patent infringement cases can get complicated, especially if there are several different claims or patents involved. Despite the complexity of these cases, it may be the only way to stop another company from stealing your business ideas and potential profits. 

Companies thinking about filing a patent infringement lawsuit should consult a business law attorney to discuss their legal options and if filing a lawsuit is their best option. 

Source: Guelph Mercury, “Open Text seeks $268 million in damages in patent infringement case,” Terry Pender, March 31, 2014