Apple wins patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung

| May 7, 2014 | Patent Law

Apple and Samsung are the top two smartphone companies in the United States. Smartphones are becoming the standard type of cellphone for many Americans so it’s not surprising that these two companies continue to battle for customers. As each company tries to create the best smartphone on the market, allegations of intellectual property violations are being made by both companies accusing each other of stealing their patents, copyrights and trademarks. 

A recent patent infringement case in California has gone in Apple’s favor after a jury awarded Apple $119 million from Samsung. Samsung was accused of using Apple’s copyrighted features in their smartphones. The award from the jury seems like a significant amount of money, but the jury actually only awarded Apple less than 10 percent than what they had requested in their lawsuit. 

While the jury did rule in Apple’s favor, they also awarded Samsung $158,400, saying that Apple illegally used a patent of Samsung’s in their iPhone 4 and 5. Their award will be taken out of Apple’s $119 award. It is somewhat strange to see both parties of a lawsuit receive an award. However, patent infringement cases can be complex, especially when the biggest smartphone companies are involved. 

This will most likely not be the last intellectual property lawsuit between Apple and Samsung. As long as they are competitors, lawsuits over patent infringement and other legal issues will continue to help both companies stay on top of the market. 

Patent infringement cases, along with copyright and trademark infringement cases, can be complex. Whether your business has one main competitor or several, intellectual property legal issues should be taken very seriously. Lawsuits can result in timely and costly litigation so it is best to understand these legal issues when you are developing a new product to prevent a potential lawsuit. 

Source: KTVN, “Jury says Samsung infringed Apple patents,” Paul Elias, May 3, 2014