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December 2014 Archives

Radio stations allowed to air controversial team name

Sacramento readers who have been following the ongoing debate about the use of the word Redskins in connection with the Washington, D.C., football team may be interested in a recent decision made by the Federal Communications Commission. According to a Dec. 19 source, the FCC dismissed a petition filed against a radio station by the owner of the Washington Redskins football team.

Microsoft files lawsuit against scammers

California investors, entrepreneurs and business owners may be interested in a potentially landmark case involving Microsoft. On Dec. 18, the well-known company filed a lawsuit against Omnitech Support and other companies, alleging trademark infringement and deceptive business practices. The lawsuit claims scammers falsely presented themselves as Microsoft tech support in an attempt to infect consumers' computers with malware.

Formers Nike designers sued for sharing secrets with Adidas

California residents might be interested to learn about an intellectual property dispute that is going on between two of the largest sportswear manufacturers in the world. In a lawsuit that was filed in Oregon, Nike is alleging that three of its former designers violated non-compete agreements and stole intellectual property by sharing information with Adidas.

Copyright protections in California

Copyright protections are available to protect people who are the authors of original works, including musical, artistic, dramatic, literary and certain other types of work. People who own a copyright to the work then have certain rights with regards to the work, including the right to reproduce it, author new works derived off the original work, distribute it, display it or perform it.

Important considerations for startup businesses

If you are aspiring to create a start-up business, chances are that you believe that your pillars of success are based on innovative products and services, a unique business proposition and offerings that no one else has thought of before. Indeed, these are elements that can help propel a business from being just an idea to being a successful enterprise, but there are a few myths that small business owners may believe (at the outset) that could hamper their overall success.

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