Copyright infringment on Facebook

| May 13, 2015 | Copyright Law

Entrepreneurs and investors in California may be interested in understanding more about copyright infringements resulting from the new video platform offered by Facebook. Celebrities are currently one of the most prominent groups responsible for uploading videos onto Facebook without rights holders’ permission. Famous people earn money from the clicks generated by the video lifted from the original creator. The clicks convert to dollars when they are linked to work or products associated with the celebrity.

Some of these viral videos may generate millions of views in just a few days. Many rights holders claim that Facebook is doing little to prevent people from infringing on copyrighted work. By the end of 2015’s first quarter, Facebook reached a milestone of four billion video views per day, up from the daily average of one billion views recorded in September 2014. Many people are currently earning a lucrative full-time income from the content created and posted online.

While the number of video views have quadrupled, there have been little changes implemented to how the social media site manages copyright infringement. Illegally-uploaded videos are reportedly viewed by tens of millions, and are shared hundreds of thousands of times. The main perpetrators of copyright infringement are often the individuals with the largest accounts on Facebook. Celebrities are allegedly increasing their own fan base and wealth by exploiting the content created by other people.

Anyone who feels victimized by trademark infringement may benefit by having an intellectual property attorney investigate the complaint in order to determine whether or not the user is in violation of the law. Entrepreneurs interested in starting or expanding a business may benefit from obtaining legal representation to help ensure that the business has obtained the appropriate protection for the properties it has developed.