Court orders Swift to testify in trademark infringement case

| Aug 14, 2015 | Trademark Law

California fans of Taylor Swift may know that Lucky 13 sued her for trademark infringement in May 2014. Despite the best efforts of her lawyers, a court has ordered her to testify in the case.

E! News brought the lawsuit to light last year. The apparel company claims in court documents that Swift has used its federally registered trademarks without authorization. Founded in 1991, the Orange County-based company says that it has contacted Swift’s representatives several times with no resolution.

The singer’s lawyers were trying to restrict the disruption that having to do a deposition would cause to her world tour. However, the judge ruled that she needs to testify in court. The lawyers were also trying to restrict the range of the questions, which the judge also denied.

A representative for Swift says that the owner of Lucky 13 is only harassing the singer by forcing this deposition. The company has no evidence that she participated in the t-shirt design, which was a short-term release for only St. Patrick’s Day. The representative also stated that she was involved in the onetime sweepstakes.

Fans of Swift know that the number 13 is significant in her life. During a previous MTV News interview, she explained that she paints the number on her hand prior to each show because it is her lucky number. She gave examples, such as her birthday, being on the 13th, turning 13 on Friday the 13th and always being seated in the 13th seat, row or equivalent every time she wins an award.

Any company that believes another company or individual has breached its trademark rights has the right to file a lawsuit to recover damages. Individuals who are still developing their trademarks could avoid infringement lawsuits by getting help with the trademark process from a lawyer.

Source: E Online, “Taylor Swift Will Testify in Court Over Lucky 13 Trademark Infringement Case,” Bruna Nessif, August 5, 2015