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September 2015 Archives

Court orders Katz to pay legal fees after failed copyright suit

California readers may be interested to learn that a district court has ordered real estate mogul Raanan Katz to pay the legal fees of a woman he sued for copyright infringement after she published an unflattering photo of him on her blog. Katz, who is part-owner of the Miami Heat, must pay $155,000.

New startups should protect trademarks from the beginning

When a new startup is being launched in California, business founders often make mistakes because they are moving too fast. A common mistake that many business founders make is failing to protect their company's trademarks from the beginning. Though this mistake may not cause problems immediately, it could lead to trademark infringement claims and other litigation as the company becomes more successful.

How businesses can handle trade secret thefts

While it is an uncommon occurrence, there are some instances in which a California employee will leave their employer's company and go to work for a competitor after stealing their original employer's trade secrets. A difficulty arises when the employer knows that the employee did so but is having difficulty proving it.

Judge rules Costco infringed on Tiffany's trademark

On Sept. 8, a federal judge in New York ruled that the giant retailer Costco Wholesale intentionally misled consumers by placing "Tiffany" signs over display cases with diamond engagement rings. Tiffany & Co. sued the retail giant in 2013 after someone informed them of a "Tiffany" display at a Costco store in Huntington Beach, California.

Retail search results could infringe on trademark rights

California consumers who use for online shopping needs may be accustomed to using the search features of the site to find specific products, including branded items offered by third-party sellers. The company has recently faced a lawsuit related to trademark infringement based on the method by which search results are returned for a watch manufacturer's products. At the district court level, a judgement favored in the case, but on appeal, the Ninth Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals reversed and remanded the decision.

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