Gillette files lawsuit over patent violations

| Dec 31, 2015 | Patent Law

California residents who rely on the Dollar Shave Club may be interested to learn that Gillette filed a lawsuit against Dollar Shave Club for patent violations in December. According to the lawsuit, the razors provided by the Dollar Shave Club use coating methods that were patented by Gillette in 2004.

The lawsuit was filed in Delaware. A spokesperson for Gillette stated that the company was heavily invested in developing new shaving technology and took it very seriously when other companies violated their patents. The company has two dedicated research centers to continue advancing shaving technology in the U.S. and in the U.K. The lawsuit sought to prevent Dollar Shave Club from selling their razors.

Gillette, which was founded in 1901, estimated that it held abut 70 percent of the worldwide razor market. Dollar Shave Club, which began selling razors om 2012, reportedly holds about 10 percent of the U.S. market for men’s razor products. Dollar Shave Club has not commented on the lawsuit.

Patents protect inventors or businesses by preventing other individuals from selling technologies that were not developed by them or their companies. When an entrepreneur or an inventor has an idea or invention that they intend to market, they should consider getting a patent to protect their intellectual property. An attorney who understands patent law can assist with filing a patent application to get the process moving quickly. Obtaining a patent on certain novel technologies or on products can allow the entrepreneur or company to sell that technology or product without having to compete with rival companies, especially if the person or company holding the patent invested in the research.

Source: CNN, “Gillette sues Dollar Shave Club: You stole our patent“, Chris Isidore, Dec. 18, 2015