Mark Zuckerberg ordered to testify in IP dispute

| Dec 10, 2015 | Intellectual Property Litigation

Some California residents may have heard about the ongoing copyright dispute between Oculus and ZeniMax Media. Sources are now reporting that Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, has been ordered to testify in the case.

Facebook initially disputed the necessity of having Zuckerberg provide a deposition in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas. According to Facebook’s filing, the company considered it improper because ZeniMax had not established that Zuckerberg had knowledge relevant to the case. However, the court ruled in favor of ZeniMax and stated that Zuckerberg will not be exempted from providing testimony. Oculus is owned by Facebook.

The lawsuit was initiated in May 2014 by ZeniMax. According to ZeniMax’s representatives, the company had collaborated with Oculus on shared intellectual property on the basis of a non-disclosure agreement, which Oculus is alleged to have breached. ZeniMax further alleges that this breach was the source of Oculus’ wearable virtual reality headset prototype. Sources claim that personnel either associated with or employed by ZeniMax aided Oculus in the development of its prototype and that ZeniMax was not compensated for its contributions in this matter.

As can be seen in this case, intellectual property can be an immensely complicated field of law. As such, someone involved in a dispute such as this may wish to secure legal representation before moving forward with the case. If litigation is required, it may be necessary to thoroughly review the nature and circumstances of the dispute in order to determine the validity of either side’s claims. A lawyer can help in this process by uncovering evidence or documentation that’s beneficial to the client’s case.