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January 2017 Archives

Will 2017 resemble 2016's decline in IP lawsuits?

If you were to hear that motorcycle accidents dropped by a significant margin in one year, would you immediately assume that motorcycle safety was no longer a concern worth pursuing? Or what if medical malpractice figures dropped precipitously over a given period of time -- would medical professionals just throw their hands up and say "we are now perfect, there won't be anymore mistakes going forward"?

Hacking trade secrets: a common and damaging problem

Advancements in technology have created a formidable and evolving enemy for California businesses: the cybercriminal. Data breaches have made cyber security a hot button issue. For companies, a breach might possibly result in the theft of corporate confidential information. And, the size of a business does not always matter. The risk of having trade secrets stolen is a real possibility for many. As such, organizations should not only understand cybertheft risks, but also take certain steps for prevention.

Patent infringement is a serious allegation

As we have written about before, having a patent is an incredible right and legal protection that can be the pillar of a business or company. But having a patent also demands certain responsibility. You have to protect your patent and hold people accountable when they are infringing upon your patent.

DTSA could lead to increased trade secret litigation

As we have written about previously, trade secrets are an important and integral part of a company's success. Protecting trade secrets and ensuring that the information surrounding these trade secrets is not released are central tenants to legally upholding your trade secret. In 2016, Congress passed a new law that gives companies a new tool to protect their trade secrets.

Will Gilead end up paying Merck $7.6B for patent infringement?

By now, you've probably heard that Merck's Idenix Pharmaceuticals unit has won the largest patent infringement verdict in history. Last month, a federal jury in Delaware awarded the company $2.54 billion in damages after finding that California-based Gilead Sciences, Inc., had infringed on Idenix's patents for the Hepatitis C drugs Harvoni and Sovaldi.

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