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February 2017 Archives

Stolen laser tech at center of Google, Uber dispute

Uber has been a dominant force over the last seven years, becoming the future of the taxi industry -- and in turn, ruining the taxi industry. But there are still plenty of legal questions surrounding the company's procedures and compliance. One way that Uber is trying to move forward is with self-driving cars. It seems clearer by the day that autonomous vehicles will be the way we travel in the future. Uber is building and testing a fleet of self-driving cars to use on city roads.

Many areas to consider when it comes to intellectual property law

Intellectual property is a broad term for anything created or invented by the human mind that has a practical application or otherwise tangible effect on the world. Intellectual property comes in many forms -- from patents and copyrights, to trademarks and trade secrets -- and in every form it is an essential tool for inventors, individuals, companies and businesses to ensure that their work is protected and wholly theirs. 

Beyoncé is being sued for sampling a New Orleans rapper

In her latest hit song "Formation," singer Beyoncé sampled the recorded voice of deceased New Orleans rapper Anthony Barré, better known as Messy Mya. Now the rapper's estate, primarily his sister Angel, is suing Beyoncé, as well as Sony Music and Jay Z.

Lawsuit alleges fashion retailers stole Forever 21's design

A lawsuit filed by Forever 21, a fashion retailer, suggests that numerous other fashion retailers have stolen a design idea that was "original" in the eyes of Forever 21. The lawsuit names C Luce as one of the defendants, with a number of other retailers accused as well. Forever 21 is alleging that given their company's reputation and success, it has been beneficial for the defendants to use their copyrighted design ideas. The clothing in question is protected by a copyright that was issued in 2013.

Little Caesars fails to prove ownership of 'double word' marks

If you are familiar with Little Caesars you have most likely heard their slogan, "PIZZA!PIZZA!" before. This is a common treatment used in the pizza company's advertisements, and many of these "double word" phrases, each followed by an exclamation mark, have been trademarked, such as "CHEESER!CHEESER!" and "MEATSA!MEATSA!"

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