Lawsuit alleges fashion retailers stole Forever 21’s design

| Feb 8, 2017 | Copyright Law

A lawsuit filed by Forever 21, a fashion retailer, suggests that numerous other fashion retailers have stolen a design idea that was “original” in the eyes of Forever 21. The lawsuit names C Luce as one of the defendants, with a number of other retailers accused as well. Forever 21 is alleging that given their company’s reputation and success, it has been beneficial for the defendants to use their copyrighted design ideas. The clothing in question is protected by a copyright that was issued in 2013.

Forever 21 says the defendants “intentionally and knowingly” copied the design of a pair of pants and that the copyright violation damaged their business in the forms of “destruction of trade, loss of income and profits, and dilution and destruction of the value of its rights.” They seek financial remedy from the lawsuit, in addition to an order that the offending parties destroy the garments that violated the copyright.

What makes this case so interesting is that Forever 21 has been sued many times for the same alleged violations. According to the source article, Forever 21 has been sued roughly 50 times for copyright infringement over the years.

Regardless of the ironic sentiment involved in this story, there is still a very serious copyright case at the heart of the matter. Copyrights are vital legal protections for companies, and upholding your rights as a copyright holder is crucial to protecting the vitality and financial health of your company.

Source: The Fashion Law, “Forever 21 Files Copyright Infringement Suit, Accuses Other Retailers of Copying,” Ariel Givner, Jan. 26, 2017