Mobile game company targeted in copyright infringement suit

| Jul 21, 2017 | Copyright Law

Recently, Riot, a major gaming software company with offices around the globe targeted another game developer in a California lawsuit. Riot alleges that Shanghai Moonton, the creator of Mobile Legends, engaged in copyright infringement when developing the game. According to reports, Mobile Legends is strikingly similar to Riot’s game, League of Legends.

Media stories, complete with screen captures from both games, go into a great amount of detail about the similarities between these games. Similarities that could go a long way towards helping strengthen Riot’s copyright law legal action.

For example, the logo for Mobile Legends uses a font and backdrop similar to the League of Legends logo. In another example, the layout of Moonton’s battlefield screens looks a lot like the layout of battlefields in Riot’s game. The list of similarities discussed in the report is long and detailed. Riot estimates that Moonton has made “potentially millions of dollars” by copying the League of Legends game.

Reportedly, Riot attempted other remedies before deciding to file an infringement suit against Moonton under copyright law. Riot made several attempts to have Google Play and Apple Apps remove Mobile Legends and another of Moonton’s games. According to the source, Moonton did remove Mobile Legends from these app stores and then uploaded the game again under a slightly different name.

This case highlights the difficulties that many modern companies face when trying to protect intellectual property. Since Riot apparently tried in good faith to remedy the situation outside of the legal system, filing a copyright infringement is the logical next step for the game development company.

Source: Dot eSports, “Riot is suing a mobile game company for copyright infringement, and it’s definitely not hard to see why,” Aaron Mickunas, July 10, 2017