Standard information about patent law

| Jul 5, 2017 | Patent Law

Are you a California inventor? Have you been thinking about getting a patent for your invention? If you said yes to either of these two questions then you should do everything you can to learn about patent law.

The first thing to understand is that patent law can be quite complex. As such, you will benefit greatly from working with an attorney experienced in this area of the law. Sound legal advice can save you from any mistakes in the patent application process and it can help protect your inventions from infringement.

As an inventor, a patent bestows you with the right to keep other people or inventors from “making, selling or using” your invention for a set period. There are three patents granted by the federal government. These are:

— Design patents, which protect the basic design and unique appearance of an item.

— Plant patents, which cover the invention of and asexual reproduction of new or existing plant varieties.

— Utility patents, which cover new inventions like machinery, chemicals, devices and certain processes.

You should also know that not all patents applied for are granted. This is yet another reason to consult with a lawyer. An experienced attorney will be able to tell you if your new invention is eligible to receive a patent. He or she can also conduct a patent search in order to determine if your invention is indeed as original as you believe it is.

One more thing you should know about patent law is that you do have the right to take action if you believe another party has engaged in patent infringement. A lawsuit can help you recover lawyer fees, royalties and many other benefits.

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