Kim Kardashian named in patent infringement lawsuit

| Aug 9, 2017 | Patent Law

The advanced technological environment of today is a prime venue for intellectual property infringement. Sometimes, intellectual property and patent infringement occur by accident and other times, it is perhaps done knowingly. Whatever the case, victims of infringement involving patents in California and elsewhere are well within their rights to take legal action in the realm of patent law.

SnapLight, a company that brings technology to cellphones, has filed a lawsuit against LuMee, another company with a strikingly similar product. The suit revolves around cellphone cases that provide an integrated light source to help users achieve “perfect selfie” images.

Reportedly, Hooshmand Harooni, invented the technology and then obtained a patent for the device in 2013. Afterwards, Harooni licensed the technology to SnapLight exclusively. LuMee’s product is nearly identical to SnapLight’s device with the main difference being that LuMee’s product does not have an integrated charger as SnapLight’s does.

LuMee is not the only entity named in the lawsuit. Urban Outfitters, a store that sells LuMee products, has been named as well as a familiar celebrity. Kim Kardashian West and her company, Kimsaprincess Inc. are also targeted because Kardashian promotes the LuMee device on her social media outlets. SnapLight reportedly involved Kardashian because the company has lost business due to her promotion of the product.

SnapLight is asking for $100 million to make up for wages the company has lost as well as attorney fees. The suit also requests an injunction preventing Kardashian, her business and other businesses connected to LuMee from using from “using Harooni’s patent.” LuMee has responded with a similar claim of patent infringement against SnapLight.

Source: Page Six, “Kim Kardashian sued for $100M over selfie phone case,” Francesca Bacardi, Aug. 01, 2017