How trademarks can benefit your California business

| Oct 5, 2017 | Trademark Law

A registered trademark serves as a visual symbol to consumers. It can be an image, a word or numeral, a series of words or numerals or just about any type of distinguishing mark. A well-designed trademark offers many valuable benefits to entrepreneurs and companies. One of the most notable is that it enables your company to stand apart from your competitors in the eyes of potential customers.

Under trademark law, the trademarks you register help to protect your brand’s unique identity. In turn, this gives your business or company another layer of protection from those who might attempt to steal your identity or your customer base. Below are some additional benefits registered trademarks give to California businesses.

  • A trademark will never expire as long as you are using it.
  • Trademarks allow potential customers to identify you at a glance.
  • A trademark can also become a valuable business asset.
  • Trademarks expand your company’s visibility across the internet.
  • Businesses with established trademarks have a better chance of success when expanding into additional industries.
  • Trademarks provide you with legal options to seek action against an infringement.

While trademark law can be complex, it is often easier to get started than many people believe it to be. Registering your trademark is the first step after you have achieved the design you want. In many cases, registering a trademark is a simple process, especially if you have help from an attorney. Not only can a lawyer expedite the process, he or she can assist with searching for availability and submitting the trademark application. Perhaps most importantly, an attorney can provide you with legal solutions to protect your mark from infringement.

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