Don’t overlook social media when protecting trade secrets

| Nov 17, 2017 | Trade Secrets

The use of social media has become second nature to most of us in today’s world. We have all become so accustomed to using social media that we may post content online without even thinking about it. In most cases, this practice is harmless, but if an employee posts content related to work without a second thought, it may compromise your trade secrets.

Realistically, it would be difficult if not impossible to tell employees that they cannot use social media. It is equally difficult to convince workers to share login data about their accounts so that you can monitor their posts. In fact, a FindLaw survey revealed that Americans are strongly against sharing their social media passwords with employers.

Still, the risk of a worker inadvertently exposing trade secrets through social media use is a reality, especially if your workers promote your company through their accounts. What can you as a California business owner and entrepreneur do to ensure your trade secrets stay out of your employees’ social media accounts? It may actually be easier than you think. Here are a few tips we suggest to keep your trade secrets out of your staff’s personal social accounts.

  • Create and maintain social media accounts for your employees to use for business only
  • Monitor these accounts to ensure they are used properly
  • Establish a clear policy covering how these accounts are to be used
  • Make sure your policy states that the accounts belong to your company

Creating accounts employees can use to promote your business may reduce the risks of your workers mixing trade secret information with personal information online. This can be one more tool to help you protect your trade secrets and keep your company safe. Please check out our website and our blog for more intellectual property protection tips.