Scott Pruett: Race driver or wine maker?

| Nov 30, 2017 | Trade Secrets

It appears that Scott Pruett, the legendary race car driver, is also a wine connoisseur. Wine hobbyists are common in America, but Pruett has turned a wine hobby into a full-blown business. Wine Spectator Magazine has placed Pruett Vineyard’s 2014 Syrah wine equivalent to the best in the world.

According to Pruett, he started his winery in what used to be his garage in Auburn. Being a fifth generation farmer, he planted and cultivated his vineyards by hand. His explanation for what makes the wine so good is the Sierra Foothills dirt.

Pruett’s first harvest was in 2010. The winery has now become a family business with his wife and three children all involved. Pruett even works all night long with the picking crew during the harvest. He claims that all of the work is done right there at their estate. Of course, he has to work around his racing career at times.

If you are wondering how Pruett protects his trade secrets, he claims to personally manage all steps of the process from the grape crushing until the wine is bottled. The winery has continued to expand and improve as Pruitt has experimented with different types of grapes and blending along the way.

According to Wine Spectator, Pruett’s four estate-grown wines have all been rated as 93 or higher out of 100 potential points, with the 2014 Sierra Foothills Championship Cuvee Syrah rated at a 96, which is equal to the best in the world.

The estate wines are beautifully labeled with the Pruett trademark. Is the Sierra foothills “magic dirt” their only trade secret, or is there a special process involved in making the wine?

Who knows? Maybe that is why Pruett continues to personally be involved in each step of the wine-making process. One thing is for sure, this is the safer of the Hall of Fame driver’s two careers!

Source: The Sacramento Bee, “Scott Pruett takes ‘garage winery’ to new heights,” Debbie Arrington, Nov. 08, 2017