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Apple has filed for a new patent

Apple already has a wide market on its Apple products. Now it is expanding those services with a new patent regarding wireless charging. This new patent expands on the wireless power that was developed and patented by Energous.

Energous was just recently granted their certification from the U. S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for their wireless technology. Now Apple has two applications submitted for patents; one for technology for long-range wireless charging, and the other to control the order in which devices are charged.

It was not revealed how far the long-range wireless technology would extend. The patent for the wireless order of charging uses a wireless transfer link allowing the wireless power to switch from one device to another. Device charging can be scheduled; in other words, the user can decide which device to charge first, and once it is charged, then the power would automatically switch to the next device scheduled and so on. If the technology only works for Apple products, Apple will have added another source to help corner the market on their products.

Apple seems to be on a roll with new patent applications. In November, they filed a patent for a foldable device. The product is still unnamed, but is supposed have a portion that is flexible and will bend. It may even be the display portion of the device.

This all sounds exciting if you are an Apple fan. One thing we know is that when Apple has a new idea, they don't waste time getting a patent application submitted. This is probably the basis for their success.

If you have an idea or product that you have manufactured, filing a patent on that device is the first thing you should do. An attorney who knows the patent laws and will file your patent as quickly as it can be done is a strong benefit. Your patent will add value to your product and protection for you and your future business.

Source: The Economic Times, "Apple files patent for long-range wireless charging: Report," Dec. 21, 2017

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