Dur-A-Flex lawsuit reaches trial phase

| May 9, 2018 | Trade Secrets

An East Hartford manufacturer who previously won a trade-secret judgment seen as one of the largest in the industry is now looking to do so again with its latest case.

Dur-A-Flex, a company that makes polymer components and flooring systems, has been caught up in a lawsuit against a former employee for years. The lawsuit arose after the company alleged that its trade secrets had been stolen, resulting in the loss of its competitive advantages and market share. It allegedly has lost revenue as a result of the former employee’s actions.

Dur-A-Flex claims that one of its former research chemists stole the company’s intellectual property, using chemical formulas and other information to develop similar products that competitors could use to push Dur-A-Flex out of the market. It’s alleged that these companies developed similar products to those Dur-A-Flex provides just a short time after the companies retained services from the former research chemist.

The defendants, which involve several companies and former employees, deny the claims. The defense claims that Dur-A-Flex is attempting to restrict competition and is overreaching in its claims. The case, now reaching trial, is very complex and unlikely to be resolved quickly. The chemical formulas that are part of the concerns were not released to the public in the court documents, since they could be sensitive materials. Dur-A-Flex believes that the chemist has violated a noncompete agreement, but the court will need to determine if such an agreement was in place or is enforceable.

If your business faces losses because of a similar situation, it’s a good idea to know more about how to protect your trade secrets. Exposing the wrong information could cost you your business.

Source: Hartford Business, “E. Hartford manufacturer wages contentious trade secrets lawsuit,” May 07, 2018