United States-China trade secret problems increase tensions

| Nov 7, 2018 | Trade Secrets

In the latest international news, it has been shown that the United States has charged Chinese companies in relation to the theft of trade secrets. The Nov. 5 report describes the United States formally charging both China and Taiwan along with three individuals were allegedly stealing trade secrets from a semiconductor company in the United States.

The growing threat of Chinese economic espionage has increased tensions between the United States and China. For instance, in one violation, the company Micron was victimized. The indicted company, Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit Co., allegedly targeted and stole trade secrets from Micron.

This is just one allegation in a growing problem facing the two countries. The United States has become more serious when describing the “predatory economic policies” of China, as it was described by the Trump Administration.

Previously, the president increased tariffs on $250 billion products coming from China. This was allegedly done in an effort to reduce the overall trade deficit between the United States and China.

Even in international law, it is possible to seek penalties against those who violate your rights. It is not appropriate for anyone to steal trade secrets from you, especially if they had once worked for you or plan to use those products to compete with you.

It is not always simple to launch investigations and lawsuits against those in other countries, but you need to do all you can to protect your business’s interests. It’s possible to have others held accountable for stealing trade secrets and taking from you all the hard work you’ve completed for your own profits.