How do employees leak a company’s trade secrets?

| Jan 9, 2019 | Trade Secrets

Most employees care about the company for which they work. As such, they would not typically let sensitive information leak to other parties. However, businesses in California do sometimes suffer the loss of private information, often due to the actions of employees. These losses leave business owners wondering just how their employees let valued trade secrets leave the safety of the business.

In most cases, employees do not intend to leak sensitive business information. The technology-rich business environment of modern times makes the accidental leaking of trade secrets unfortunately easy. Simply sending an email to the wrong party or accidentally sending a group text instead of a private one can compromise your trade secrets.

Carelessness on the part of employees can also result in trade secret exposure. For example, if a group of your staff members meets at a restaurant or a bar to discuss work, it is possible that your competitors might overhear these discussions.

Unfortunately, there are some instances in which a disgruntled employee or prior employee might leak trade secrets on purpose. This typically occurs less frequently than accidental leaks but is still a risk for many companies. In the hands of a person with vengeance on their mind, trade secret information can become a powerful tool.

Like other business owners, you may wonder what you can do to truly protect your trade secrets. Taking no action at all or simply hoping your employees practice caution is not usually enough to secure your trade secrets. A better choice is coming up with a plan to protect all of your intellectual property. If you are unsure how to create such a plan, consider speaking to an attorney with experience in intellectual property law.