Self-published romance novels see rising plagiarism

| Aug 16, 2019 | Copyright Law

Romance novels are very popular, making billions of dollars every year. More and more often, these novels are getting self-published. Companies like Amazon make it very easy for people to upload their books, covers and other information, giving them the freedom to publish whatever they want — that fits within the guidelines — and market it as they see fit.

However, as this writing revolution has moved forward, one key issue that it is now facing is plagiarism. For those who thought that only famous, millionaire authors needed to worry about such things, the world has definitely changed.

After all, one woman said that she was able to quit her job and support her family on her self-published romance novels. She made what has been called a lucrative wage. Part of the goal is to write quickly, often publishing a new book every few months. That’s a huge break from the traditional methods and it’s how many new writers make money.

As you can expect, the rise in stolen material may be due to this trend. Writing that quickly is not easy, and some individuals have taken to copying other works that already sell well and publishing them as their own. One writer, in particular, was accused of stealing her content from dozens of other people.

This is a serious issue for anyone looking to produce their own content. It’s not just music and movies that get pirated these days. Digital books are a huge target as well. Those who think that their copyrighted material has been illegally used need to know what options they have.