You can lose trade secrets very quickly

| Sep 2, 2019 | Trade Secrets

You know that your main reason for success is the fundamental idea behind your products, a proprietary design that only your company uses. People have to come to you when this is exactly what they want, and that makes it very valuable indeed.

However, you also worry that you could lose those trade secrets, and you’re right to think that way. Experts warn that it often only takes a second for someone else to steal your most valuable information.

Part of the issue is the information age and the reliance that we have on technology. This is beneficial in many ways, of course, but it also means that digital information is vulnerable. Someone could hack your system and take that information in mere seconds. A disloyal employee could put the information on a disc, a flash drive or even a phone. Someone from inside the company could simply email information to a third party.

In many of these cases, you may not know right away that a theft has taken place. The most valuable thing you have can get stolen with no one being the wiser for months or even years. It’s a frightening situation, but it is a risk that many business owners cannot avoid since they have to use digital files and keep sensitive information on local computers and networks.

Since you can’t avoid that risk entirely, you should know about all of the legal options that you have if someone else steals your trade secrets and begins using them to infringe on your business. It may be the best way to protect your business and your future.