Most people do not encrypt their email

| Oct 22, 2019 | Trade Secrets

People often ignore security measures when it comes to digital messages and assets. They know that things like firewalls and anti-virus software packages can help in theory, but they assume they don’t really need them. They’re hesitant to pay for anything and may only use free services or nothing at all.

The same is true for email encryption programs. Unless they get it for free with an email provider, they may ignore the need entirely. They often do not take that next step and use a serious encryption program that protects their information from almost every malicious source on the internet.

This is quite a risk, especially when you are using your email for business purposes. Think of all of the information that you may include in those outgoing messages:

  • Trade secrets about chemical processes, recipes, product designs and much more.
  • Ideas about new products or inventions.
  • Conversations about your business methods.
  • Thoughts of where the company is headed and what goals you have.
  • Financial information, passwords, account numbers, contact information and much more.

Phone use is more common than ever, but not for calls. Most people use their phones for email messages, text messages, Internet access and things of this nature. If you use your phone to send out vital information without encrypting it, do you really know who has access to that information?

Losing your trade secrets or having someone steal your ideas can set your company back tremendously and can cut into your profits. If it happens, make sure you are well aware of all of the legal options that you have.