Companies go to great lengths to protect recipes

| Nov 29, 2019 | Trade Secrets

For food producers, the recipe for a certain food is often the most valuable thing that they own. Anyone can make a similar food, but no one can make that same exact dish. It’s that unique blend that allows the company to thrive.

One of the most prolific examples of this is KFC. The company makes fried chicken, which is common on its own, but their blend of spices and herbs is what gives it their unique flavor. They have gone to great lengths to protect that recipe.

Even now, though the recipe is merely written in pencil on a piece of paper, they have that paper locked up in a safe. The safe itself is also within a vault, and that vault is then protected by live guards, cameras and motion detection systems.

Now, you may think that those who make the chicken have to know the blend, but they don’t. KFC uses a different supplier for every single herb or spice. All of the shipments go to another location, where a computer does the work to blend them together. Beyond that, even with the list of ingredients, someone would need to know the cooking process and proportions used to recreate the flavor.

You can see that companies certainly worry about the theft of their intellectual property. They know very well that these trade secrets are the key to their success and must be protected at all costs. As such, when a third party infringes on their rights and steals those trade secrets, they need to know what legal options they have.