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April 2020 Archives

Are people still pirating music?

Remember the commercials about pirating music and movies? Remember when Napster got shut down? For many, pirating music seems like something that happened in the early 2000s, which many people did on dial-up internet and used services like LimeWire. This was long before you could easily just download music onto your phone. But are people still doing it?

What do you need to do to copyright your software?

There's been an increase in individuals studying computer science or becoming hobbyist programmers during the past few decades. Many of these individuals have left their hard work readily accessible online without taking the time to copyright their work. This has allowed others to take their program, embellish it and put it out there as if it were all their own. This is unfortunate as copyrighting software is one of the easiest and most cost-effective things that you can do.

Some errors could have a lasting financial effect

Intellectual property (IP) laws allow you to document your ideas so you can retain your ability to financially profit from your creativity. Protecting your IP rights, however, is a complex process. Your career, livelihood and reputation could be contingent on your diligence throughout the application process.

What do I need to know about patenting a prescription drug?

Chemical formulations used to manufacture prescription drugs are much like other trade secrets in that they can also be patented. Two different concepts comprise this process: Patent and exclusivity. It's important that you understand how both work in terms of medications.

What exactly is trademark dilution?

If you own a widely-recognized trademark, then the last thing that you'd probably want to happen is for it to be applied to products that don't fit in with your standard offerings or ones that live up to the quality standards that you've set for your business. This could all decrease the value of your trademark and therefore Roseville company's net worth. Trademark dilution is one of many factors that can cause this to happen.

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