Some errors could have a lasting financial effect

| Apr 10, 2020 | Firm News

Intellectual property (IP) laws allow you to document your ideas so you can retain your ability to financially profit from your creativity. Protecting your IP rights, however, is a complex process. Your career, livelihood and reputation could be contingent on your diligence throughout the application process.

Making a mistake on your patent application could have a detrimental effect on your rights. To potentially hold someone accountable for the illegal use of your work, you must be sure to follow the specific guidelines for legally supporting your claims.

Three mistakes to avoid when applying for a patent

Registering your invention requires thorough attention to detail. Experienced counsel can help you steer clear of patent application errors such as:

  • Deviating from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) guidelines. For example, drawings must be clear in black and white when reproduced, showing multiple views of your invention.
  • Failing to include your legal signature on a utility, plant or design declaration, or oath. You must provide a written statement that you believe the patent for which you are applying is your original concept.
  • Making an incorrect determination for patent eligibility. While a plant patent may seem clear, identifying the appropriate category for your inventions is necessary for patentability.

You may have the opportunity to correct clerical errors after you submit your application. However, since some mistakes could affect your rights, you should educate yourself about IP protection before you register your invention.