‘Bitcoin’ gets trademarked

| Jul 2, 2020 | Trademark Law

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency that investors often buy and sell online. It is the original cryptocurrency, though many more coins have been created since, and this digital currency is still generally thought of as the most well-known and the most robust.

The value of cryptocurrency changes very quickly. While there was a surge in popularity a few years ago, things have settled down somewhat since then. Still, many consider digital currencies to be the future of commerce, and it will be interesting to see how it evolves.

In any case, a new filing in Spain has trademarked the name and image associated with bitcoin. This was done on a national level, but the international nature of digital currencies makes this interesting to investors the whole world over.

The man who filed for the trademark chose to remain anonymous. His legal team filed on his behalf. They also released a statement. He said that it was in his best interests to file because he works as a bitcoin salesman and wants to be able to legally defend the brand.

He also noted that it’s a business move on his part. He knows that scams exist. He wants people who come to him to know that his business is trustworthy and reliable. This will create a positive image for his business and, he says, protect those other buyers from various scams in what is largely a new and unregulated market.

As this story shows, trademarks may lag behind some inventions and developments, but they can still play a major role, and users must know what legal steps to take to preserve their rights and protect their intellectual property.