Consider the trademarks that are most recognizable

| Oct 16, 2020 | Trademark Law

If your company has a logo or other trademarked information that is instantly recognizable, it can work wonders for your brand. This is why you see advertising even for well-known companies that already make millions (or billions) in sales. They are striving to keep up brand awareness so that their logo is something people can identify without even consciously thinking about it.

Which brands have done this well? According to one study, Apple has the most recognizable logo in the world. It is clean, simple and effective. It has also been stamped onto everything from computers to smartphones to wireless speakers, so it is something that people tend to see every day — even when not actively shopping for products.

Other highly-recognizable logos from the list include the “M” that is used by the McDonald’s fast-food chain, the simple “swoosh” used by Nike for shoes and apparel, the blue bird used by Twitter and the pair of fighting red bulls used, appropriately, by Red Bull.

One thing that is interesting to consider is how some companies — like FedEx — just use their name in a stylized font. Other companies, like Nike, use an image that does not actually say the company name anywhere. Others, like Red Bull, use both. This shows that any approach can work as long as it is consistent and done well.

This also shows why it’s so important to protect your trademarked images, logos and other intellectual property. It defines your company. If someone infringes on your rights, make sure you know what legal options you have.