Other sellers may carry your products on Amazon

| Oct 29, 2020 | Intellectual Property Litigation

If you’re selling products on Amazon, you very well may see other sellers also moving the same products. Remember, Amazon started as a site for used books. While they’ve since expanded, it was initially a site for people to resell books, whether they were private sellers or professional vendors.

This can create confusion for some authors, who demand that those unauthorized listings for their books be taken down. Amazon will decline these requests. Some experts who study online sales have noted that Amazon simply wants as many products as possible. The goal is to give customers a wide selection so that Amazon can become their go-to destination for any purchase.

Does this violate your intellectual property rights if you’re an author or other creative? It typically doesn’t. Someone can buy your products and then try to flip them; some sellers may even try to do this at a higher price point than you, assuming customers won’t look elsewhere to find that they’re paying too much. And it does work.

When this type of selling does start to violate your rights is when other companies pretend to be you or when they sell knock-off products that you didn’t even make. There’s a big difference between re-selling an actual item and stealing the branding and marketing materials to sell a fake product to unsuspecting consumers.

If someone begins to do this, it can take away sales from your company. It can hurt your reputation, and it can dilute your branding efforts. You must know exactly what steps you can take to combat this process and protect your rights through intellectual property litigation.