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Intellectual Property Litigation Archives

Know what some of the more common infringement types are

If you create something that others want, you'll always have someone trying to replicate your work. They'll do this in hopes that they too can make some financial proceeds. It's common for someone to infringe upon another person's intellectual property rights by introducing counterfeit products. There are other types of infringements, such as brand abuse, though, as well. It's possible to accuse anyone who may have violated a copyright, patent or trademark of infringement.

How long do intellectual property rights remain in effect?

Some of the more common types of intellectual property are patents, trademarks, trade secrets and copyrights. Many Californians invest a significant amount of time creating their artistic works, crafting a recognizable logo for their brand, designing a much-needed product or coming up with the right recipe for success. Savvy individuals protect the integrity of those items by filing for the appropriate intellectual property rights to them. These protections remain in effect for varying lengths of time.

Are people still pirating music?

Remember the commercials about pirating music and movies? Remember when Napster got shut down? For many, pirating music seems like something that happened in the early 2000s, which many people did on dial-up internet and used services like LimeWire. This was long before you could easily just download music onto your phone. But are people still doing it?

Dilution can weaken a trademark's appeal

The main issue that crops up when someone infringes on a trademark is that they may use it to make sales. For instance, they could use the logo of a famous company to produce knock-off items and sell them for far less. Every sale that they make potentially takes a sale away from the company that owns the trademark. They can potentially lose a lot of income over the issue.

Why is intellectual property theft getting worse?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) refers to intellectual property crimes as a "growing threat." They note that they devote a lot of resources to stopping it, but it's something that is happening more often and impacting more people. Why does the FBI look at it this way?

2 types of trademark dilution

Trademark infringement often involves a mark being used without permission but not always. Sometimes, it just involves a very similar mark being used and harming the reputation of the first. This type of infringement can change the public's perception of the original mark. They once thought it related to something particular, singular or unique, but the second, very similar mark can make them stop thinking that even when the two are not the same.

Kawhi Leonard's lawsuit against Nike leaving California

Kawhi Leonard has major ties to California and hoped to keep his intellectual property lawsuit against Nike in the state, but it appears that will not happen. A California judge recently allowed the case to move to Oregon, where Nike has its headquarters.

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