Protecting Your Original Work

If you are an artist, author, screenwriter, web designer, dancer or software developer, you likely have a body of work that could be rendered into a portfolio of copyrights. At Costello Law Corporation, we guide individuals, businesses and organizations through the legal steps of obtaining a copyright.

Don’t leave your original work unprotected. Contact our experienced attorneys in Sacramento, California, to learn how to prevent someone from copying, stealing or illegally sharing your work. We can also represent you in a copyright infringement lawsuit.

Defining Copyrightable Work

At Costello Law Corporation, our attorneys are well-versed in every form of intellectual property and we will let you know how to best protect your work. A copyright provides legal protection for a wide range of items which embody human expression fixed in some sort of tangible medium. For example, a novel might express a story fixed on paper pages; a software program is form of expression fixed on a computer media, such as a hard drive; a painting might be an expression of a landscape fixed on canvas. Areas of copyrightable expression might include, but are not limited to:

  • All forms of artwork, including paintings and sculptures
  • Books and other written works
  • Music
  • Performance art
  • Software

The Deceptively Simple Copyright Process

At Costello Law Corporation, we describe the copyright process as “deceptively simple.” Though completing a copyright application may seem rather easy, if it is not done properly, you could have little rights or protection in the event that someone litigates against you. The registration process can be as quick as six months; however, hang-ups happen frequently — especially if you submit your application without legal guidance.

Are You Continuously Creating?

If you are a novelist, software writer, web designer or artist, you may be continuously creating new work or new versions of your original work. At Costello Law Corporation, we can assist you with all of your copyright needs. It’s wise to form a relationship with a lawyer who you can trust with all of your valuable work, throughout your entire career.

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