Eagle Advanced Systems Engineering, Inc. vs. Sentech Medical System, Inc. (Eastern District of California 2008)

Our firm represented the plaintiff (Eagle) in a declaratory relief action in federal district court in Sacramento. Sentech, a Florida corporation initially accused Eagle of infringing several patents related to a self-regulating air cushion having a module which regulated the amount of inflation of the cushion so as to minimize bed ulcers on hospital patients. After being threatened with a patent infringement lawsuit by Sentech, Eagle, on advice of its counsel from Costello Law Corporation, struck first by filing a declaratory relief action. Eagle sought a declaration from the federal court that 1) Eagle was not infringing Sentech’s patents and 2) Sentech’s patents were invalid. The case progressed up through the “Markman” stage whereupon, Sentech decided to settle with Eagle. Sentech agreed to withdraw its accusations of infringement against Eagle and also paid Eagle a cash settlement amount.