What Is Infringement?

Infringement is a violation of the intellectual property (IP) of another business or person. If you have a valid patent, trademark, trade secret or copyright, and someone else is capitalizing on your idea, you may have a valid infringement lawsuit.

We know that intellectual property lawsuits can be complex; we also know how to fight for your best interest. Whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant, we can provide you with sound legal guidance. Contact our Sacramento, California law firm for more information.

How We Analyze Infringement

At Costello Law Corporation, our attorneys begin to analyze an infringement case by reviewing the scope of the existing patent, trade secret, trademark or copyright. If we determine that your intellectual property has been violated, we will develop an aggressive litigation strategy. If you are the defendant, we will carefully create a strong defense and provide you with guidance regarding a settlement, or counsel you as to whether continued litigation makes sense.

Infringement Litigation & Consequences

If the defendant is found liable for damages to the plaintiff, there are a number of remedies under the law:

  • Lost market share — the rightful owner has lost potential valuable customers and must be compensated for this lost market share.
  • Lost profits — the rightful owner has experienced a decrease in profits. The defendant may have to give up its profits to the plaintiff.
  • Injunction — the defendant will be forced to stop the infringing acts.

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