Intellectual Property Overview

The term “intellectual property” describes something produced by the human mind — something that starts out as an idea but which has real practical and tangible effects upon the world. As one example, think of the “idea” of using “steam to generate power” which eventually manifests itself in the practical and tangible form of a steam engine. Also think of the “idea” of writing a document without a typewriter, which eventually manifests itself in the form of word processor software, such as MS Word®. With this type of initially intangible property, it is difficult to claim ownership rights. This is why numerous federal and state laws have been created to provide guidelines for protecting such intangible property.

Since 1994, John P. Costello has dedicated his Sacramento law firm solely to the field of patent, trade secrets, trademark and copyright law. If you have an idea, product or service that you believe is original, contact us. We serve clients throughout California in all intellectual property matters.

Intellectual Property is a Valuable Asset

Many businesses are unaware that they have created valuable intellectual property. Even non-technical businesses might have developed a valuable customer list, blueprints or software. These are assets that can have significant value and may contribute greatly to the worth and eventually sale value of your business. It is important to take the necessary steps to avoid losing such valuable assets.

Some companies may require only basic intellectual property protection, while other companies may have large portfolios of patents, trademarks and copyrights. At Costello Law Corporation, our attorneys can put your mind at ease regarding your intellectual property. We can manage a single trademark, such as a company logo, or a large portfolio of patents for a company that is constantly engineering new products or improving existing ones.

Contact Us to Protect Your Property

Whether you have a sketch, a fully engineered product or a lucrative trade secret, our lawyers can provide you with valuable advice that can mean the difference between success or failure for your idea.

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