Patent Litigation – At A Glance

The firm provides patent, trade secret and copyright litigation services on an hourly or contingent fee basis. If you think that your patent, trade secret or copyright has been infringed, please contact the Costello Law Corporation for a full case analysis to determine if you should litigate. The following are examples of patents, trade secrets and copyrights litigated by Costello Law Corporation.


US Patent No. 4,953,745 Medication Dispensing Apparatus

US Patent No. 4,344,138 Digital Air Brake Control System

US Patent No. 5,647,108 Receptacle for Ashes of the Deceased

Case No. 2:08-CV-01333 – United States District Court for the Eastern District of California – This case involved allegations of theft of the Plaintiff’s copyrighted software. Defendant and Plaintiff were former partners in a software business. The Defendant locked out the Plaintiff from the business and then sold Plaintiff’s software for $2.7 million.

Case No. CIV 467662 – California Superior Court for the County of San Mateo – This case involved allegations of trade secret theft involving the Plaintiff’s methods for authenticating documents and technology involving color barcodes, to name a few of the trade secrets alleged to have been taken. Plaintiff alleged that Defendant stole the trade secrets and then subsequently disclosed them in a series of 22 patent applications filed by the Defendant. Plaintiff’s alleged damages total $270 million.