Intellectual Property Business Advice

If you have a unique idea, you might be thinking about protecting it through a patent, trademark, trade secret or copyright. However, there are several things to consider before taking the first step.

Meeting with a knowledgeable intellectual property attorney can save you time and money. After reviewing the information below, contact Costello Law Corporation in Sacramento to get started with your project.

Ask Yourself These Questions

When making any business choice, it’s important that your plans are clear and decisive. As attorneys with more than 15 years of experience advising California inventors and businesses through their intellectual property needs, we highly recommend that you ask yourself the following questions when considering protecting your idea:

1. Is there a market for my product or service? Market research is essential to the success of your business. It is not wise to pursue protection for your intellectual property prior to researching your potential customer base, size of the market and available alternatives to your product.

2. Are there several components to my idea that should be protected? It may take more than one patent, trademark or copyright to cover all of the elements and versions of your product. For example, in the case where patents are needed, one patent might cover a device, another could cover the method for using it and if the device creates a product, that should be patented as well. At Costello Law Corporation, we can help you build a picket fence around your idea, so that no piece of it is left unprotected.

3. Where do you want to fit in the future of your product or service? There are many routes that a successful business can take and multiple ways that you can be involved. Will you be the CEO of a company? Or, are you interested in seeking out other businesses to execute your idea? Identify where your passion lies. If you would rather take a hands-off approach, our law firm can help you with a royalty arrangement.

4. Do you need a nondisclosure agreement? If you are contemplating whether to legally protect your idea, you may need a nondisclosure agreement in the meantime. If you are going to reveal your product or service to someone, a nondisclosure agreement can provide temporary protection. Our lawyers can draft the agreement for you and, if you decide to extend protection down the road, we can help you file the patent, trade secret, trademark or copyright.

Contact Costello Law Corporation for more advice about protecting your valuable idea. We are ready to assist you in any intellectual property matter.