Fighting For Your Idea

When you believe your idea has been stolen, you may not know how to proceed. Though you may feel violated, it is important to consider whether intellectual property litigation makes sense in your situation. Through extensive research and legal knowledge, we can let you know if you have a case. Our attorneys are more than just patent lawyers, we are also teachers. We take pride in educating our clients in the area of intellectual property, enabling them to make sound business decisions.

At Costello Law Corporation, we have consulted with hundreds of inventors and businesses experiencing infringement. Contact us to analyze your intellectual property case.

What is Your Intellectual Property Worth?

Our skilled attorneys will review your case and explore your options. Ultimately, intellectual property litigation is a business decision, as it can be costly and time consuming. We will give you an honest opinion as to whether litigation makes sense in your case.

Trademark, Copyright, Trade Secret & Patent Infringements

At Costello Law Corporation, we have successfully litigated patent, trade secret and copyright cases against large corporations and their big firm lawyers. If you have a viable intellectual property infringement case, you want an attorney with a track record of successful litigation.

When we go to court, we take pride in making sure that your story gets heard within our complex legal system. We never forget that there is a human side to law and properly telling the story of how your patent was infringed or how your trademark was copied. We know our clients’ ideas and products like the back of our hands. We will tell the story of your idea and we will show evidence of the harmful damages an infringement has caused to your business.

Contact us in our Sacramento, California, office for more information about intellectual property litigation. Our attorneys are ready to assist you in any infringement case.