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Federal court upholds part of Apple's patent case against Samsung

On May 18, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit handed down a mixed verdict in the latest installment of Apple Inc.'s epic intellectual property battle with Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. The ruling upheld Apple's patent infringement win against Samsung, but it tossed out a finding that the iPhone's most basic features could be trademarked. Because of the decision, up to 40 percent of a $930 million verdict previously awarded to the California-based smartphone giant must be reconsidered.

Some information regarding patent laws

Entrepreneurs and business owners in California might benefit from learning more about what types of things may be protected by patent law. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is responsible for administering and governing patent laws pertaining to inventions and other activities relating to patents. Patent laws state that anyone who discovers or invents a useful process, manufacture, composition of matter or any useful improvement upon the aforementioned may obtain a patent, subject to the requirements and conditions of the law.

Same song, different company: Apple sued for patent infringement

Apple is one of the most popular technology companies in the United States, and consumers continue to anxiously wait in line for hours to purchase new Apple products as soon as they are available. Since Apple is one of the most well-know tech companies, it isn't too surprising that they are named in many intellectual property lawsuits every year. 

Patent infringement retrial results in $290 million for Apple

In the biggest jury trial award of 2013 involving a patent case, Apple won damages from Samsung on Nov. 21 amounting to nearly $300 million. The week-long jury trial in a California federal court was the culmination of a retrial involving 13 Samsung devices and includes up to $100 million for just one Samsung product, the Infuse 4G.

Patent dispute settled between medical device makers

Our readers in the Sacramento area know how valuable a commodity information can be. A way to protect that information is via a patent, but that isn't the end of the story. Patents and the information they represent need to be defended from time to time if it appears that they are being violated. This can be especially complicated in the technology sphere, where patent cases over what some might think were minor differences have drawn on for long periods of time.

Johnson & Johnson files patent lawsuit to protect product

Johnson & Johnson is a leader in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. The company manufactures and sells one of the most popular products among diabetes patients called the Lifescan Ultra, which is a device use for glucose monitoring in diabetes patients. 

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