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What should you know about buying a patent?

A patent holder is someone who maintains the exclusive right to license or manufacture their intervention, business process, chemical formulation or any other type of proprietary intellectual property. If you or your business owns a patent, it can be a valuable commodity. You need to understand the ins and outs of buying intellectual property rights such as a patent to avoid regrets down the road.

The three main types of patents

If you are a business owner, researcher, or inventor, you may believe that you have discovered a unique process or substance. In order to protect the findings that you have made and have time to develop them further before someone else takes advantage of it, you may need to apply for a patent.

What do I need to know about patenting a prescription drug?

Chemical formulations used to manufacture prescription drugs are much like other trade secrets in that they can also be patented. Two different concepts comprise this process: Patent and exclusivity. It's important that you understand how both work in terms of medications.

Key patent application tips

Applying for a patent may not be something you do often, but it's absolutely crucial for you to protect your invention. If you're thinking of starting a company based around that invention, the patent also protects your intellectual property so that you can profit off of it. This may give your new company much of its initial value. You do not want to make mistakes.

6 things you cannot patent

A patent is a very useful tool to protect inventions and other such developments. It ensures that the person who actually made that development has a right to it and cannot see their ideas stolen by a third party for profit when that third party did none of the work to create it in the first place. In this sense, patents are a way to drive innovation in the United States. For many companies, most of their value actually comes from the patents they hold.

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