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Google accused of copyright infringement

Entrepreneurs and investors in California may benefit from learning more about the potential implications of Google's loss at the Supreme Court of an appeal of a copyright lawsuit originally filed by Oracle in 2012. The lawsuit claimed that Google's popular Android operating system for mobile devices actually infringes on the Java software language developed by Oracle.

California court approves class action copyright in case

Members of the 1960s musical group the Turtles won another victory on May 27 in their landmark copyright infringement case against the satellite radio company Sirius XM. The case centers around royalties on songs recorded prior to Feb. 15, 1972. California law offers protection to the work of performance artists that was recorded before this date, while federal law does not. The plaintiff, a company controlled by two of the band's founders, is pursuing similar litigation in New York and Florida seeking approximately $100 million in damages.

Copyright infringment on Facebook

Entrepreneurs and investors in California may be interested in understanding more about copyright infringements resulting from the new video platform offered by Facebook. Celebrities are currently one of the most prominent groups responsible for uploading videos onto Facebook without rights holders' permission. Famous people earn money from the clicks generated by the video lifted from the original creator. The clicks convert to dollars when they are linked to work or products associated with the celebrity.

If copyright protections are automatic, why register your work?

If you are a creative person in Sacramento, it is likely that you have works that you want to protect. Whether you have written a book, made paintings or developed software, ensuring that your work is safeguarded from copycats is an important part of a strong business plan.

Jury hands down $7.4 million judgement in infringement case

In a case involving the alleged copyright infringement of a 1977 Marvin Gaye song called "Got to Give It Up," eight California jurors reached a decision on March 10 to award the Gaye family $7.4 million in damages. Singers Robin Thicke and Pharell Williams will pay the amount to the family due to similarities in their song "Blurred Lines," a hit song from 2013. In the case, the defense side argued that artists need a wide berth during the creative process, and although the artists may have been inspired by Marvin Gaye, they did not copy key elements from the song. No statutory damages were awarded in the case.

Musicians dispute copyright infringement claim

California residents might be interested to learn about the intellectual property lawsuit that was filed against Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams. On Feb. 25, the two musicians appeared in federal court to face allegations that they copied Marvin Gaye's 1977 hit song 'Got to Give It Up" when they composed their hit song 'Blurred Lines."

An overview of music licensing

California's music professionals often face frustrations over issues related to copyright protections in their industry. The digital age has made it even more challenging to protect one's work from issues such as unauthorized copying and distribution. A recent study of copyright concerns and the marketplace for music was conducted by the U.S. Copyright Office as the current system was reviewed carefully.

Copyright protections in California

Copyright protections are available to protect people who are the authors of original works, including musical, artistic, dramatic, literary and certain other types of work. People who own a copyright to the work then have certain rights with regards to the work, including the right to reproduce it, author new works derived off the original work, distribute it, display it or perform it.

What does a copyright protect?

One of the things that separate human beings from other living beings is our ability to create and appreciate art. From the earliest cave paintings and pottery, we have attempted to communicate our inner lives and perceptions of the world to others. Art is a sort of narrative of our shared history, while also being an intensely personal message.

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