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What does the term trade secret really mean?

The intellectual property arena comes with a great deal of terminology such as patents, copyrights, infringement and yes, trade secrets. This can be confusing to someone just getting started. The term "trade secrets" in particular has a lot of room for self-interpretation. It is important for those interested in protecting their intellectual property in California to find out just what this term means.

Patents vs. trade secrets: Deciding which option is best for you

When it comes to protecting your intellectual property, you have two powerful options at your disposal. You can file for a patent or you can opt to license your property as a trade secret. Both of these choices are valuable, but how can you know which option is best for you?

Uber gets no relief in court, even after firing ex-Waymo engineer

May was a tough month for all involved in the trade secrets infringement case brought by Waymo, Google's self-driving car division, and Uber, which is also developing self-driving technology. The problem is that Uber hired a former engineer from Waymo to run its self-driving car project, and that engineer may have pilfered Waymo's trade secrets.

Did Uber know the Waymo engineer it hired would bring secrets?

Ride-sharing giant Uber is in the midst of a hard-fought battle to get ahead in the exciting field of autonomous vehicle technology. Unfortunately, a judge has just ruled that it took the contest a bit too far when it hired a former engineer from Waymo, Google/Alphabet, Inc.'s self-driving vehicle unit.

What can I do to protect my business trade secrets?

One challenge of running a business is knowing whether or not it's right to pursue a particular strategy. In the area of intellectual property, California law provides protections for a wide array of things making it hard sometimes to identify how to categorize an asset. Is it a trade secret? Maybe it's something that needs patenting. What's the best way to protect a company's asset value?

Stolen laser tech at center of Google, Uber dispute

Uber has been a dominant force over the last seven years, becoming the future of the taxi industry -- and in turn, ruining the taxi industry. But there are still plenty of legal questions surrounding the company's procedures and compliance. One way that Uber is trying to move forward is with self-driving cars. It seems clearer by the day that autonomous vehicles will be the way we travel in the future. Uber is building and testing a fleet of self-driving cars to use on city roads.

Hacking trade secrets: a common and damaging problem

Advancements in technology have created a formidable and evolving enemy for California businesses: the cybercriminal. Data breaches have made cyber security a hot button issue. For companies, a breach might possibly result in the theft of corporate confidential information. And, the size of a business does not always matter. The risk of having trade secrets stolen is a real possibility for many. As such, organizations should not only understand cybertheft risks, but also take certain steps for prevention.

DTSA could lead to increased trade secret litigation

As we have written about previously, trade secrets are an important and integral part of a company's success. Protecting trade secrets and ensuring that the information surrounding these trade secrets is not released are central tenants to legally upholding your trade secret. In 2016, Congress passed a new law that gives companies a new tool to protect their trade secrets.

The incredible value of trade secrets

Have you ever wondered what Coca-Cola actually puts into its soda? Or what about the "special sauce" that your local sandwich shop uses on its signature menu item? These are examples of "trade secrets," or pieces of knowledge that are not generally known and that have value because their discovery is not wide-spread. Trade secrets make many businesses hum and without them, few people would care to dream up original or new ideas.

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