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Lawsuit alleges trade secret espionage by doll maker

When a California company is researching, developing and manufacturing a product, there are a number of aspects of that process that are and should remain confidential. These are known as trade secrets, and can encompass everything from the physical appearance of a product to the manufacturing processes involved in creating the final product. A trade secret is also defined by the fact that a company chooses to hide that information from the public or other parties, and by the ability of a competitor to profit from the discovery of said secrets.

Accounting firm accused of stealing trade secrets

In many California intellectual property cases we have discussed on our blog, allegations of malfeasance are usually between two companies that are in the same industry. For example, scientists who are accused of stealing trade secrets usually do so with the intent of sharing those secrets with a rival scientific company.

Ex-scientists charged over theft of trade secrets

Almost all companies have some kind of intellectual property that they need to protect. Sacramento firms often have many trade secrets that they take great pains to protect. Even so, sometimes rogue employees attempt to capitalize on this information for their own profit.

Lawsuit filed by company seeking to protect trade secrets

Knowledge gained through experience and exposure is among one of the most valuable assets any top executive can bring to the table. In many cases, individuals at this level have inside knowledge of a company's financial outlook, product development plans and marketing strategy. When these individuals are hired, employers often require employees at the executive level to sign some sort of non-compete agreement.

In theft of trade secrets, sentence is harshest ever

Earlier this week, a former engineer for Motorola was sentenced to four years in prison for stealing information from her one-time employer. Her sentence is one of the harshest ever imposed in the U.S. for a crime such as hers. Her story should show all Sacramento readers that authorities don't take cases of industrial espionage lightly.

Bridgestone: Research scientist stole our trade secrets

A former researcher scientist who worked for Bridgestone tire company has been charged with 15 counts of intellectual property theft. His attorney, however, is claiming that the man is not guilty because he lacked the intent to economically benefit himself or a rival of Bridgestone's. This is an interesting story for Sacramento readers because it provides something of an insight into the world of corporate espionage.

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