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Intellectual Property Litigation Archives

Apple defeats patent troll

Much was made about the colossal legal battle between electronics rivals Apple and Samsung. The rivalry still continues after Apple introduced the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last month. Samsung promises that the “next big thing” is already here, with the latest generation of its Galaxy Notes models debuting this month.

Converse sues retailers for trademark infringement

It can be argued that Converse became an iconic American shoe brand through the sale of its famous Chuck Taylor model. In what appears to have been around forever, is apparently being threatened by foreign counterfeiters that are selling similar shoes in a number of stores across the country.

Consumers complain that Red Bull drink claims had 'wings'

It may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many people actually expect Red Bull to give them wings. Indeed, it is virtually impossible for a person to sprout wings and fly, but this did not stop a group of people from suing the drink maker for false advertising.

Monster sued over unauthorized use of Beastie Boys material

For advertisers, adding a catchy song to a commercial is arguably like adding frosting to a great cupcake. A song can add that extra something to the promotion of a product or service that can make consumers remember it. So much so, that they wondered how they ever lived without the product or service in the first place.

Make IP protection a priority for your new business

Especially in the digital era, California is a hotspot for people with big ideas. Entrepreneurs and innovators flock to the state, hoping to follow in the steps of giants like Google, Yahoo and Facebook. But for a startup to stand a fighting chance of succeeding in this fast-paced, competitive marketplace, it is critical for business owners to protect their intellectual property.

Software company filed patent infringement lawsuit in California

A recent patent infringement case in California is an example of the legal action companies can take against other businesses for using their patented products and ideas as their own. Open Text Corp. filed an intellectual property lawsuit against Box Inc. for using their patents without their permission.

What to know about intellectual property laws

Intellectual property laws can be difficult for business owners in California to understand due to the variety of laws regarding patents, trademarks, trade secrets and copyright protection. Even though intellectual property laws can be complex, it is important for business owners to become familiar with these laws and how they can protect their businesses. It is also important to understand intellectual property laws to protect your business from costly lawsuits that can be a result of using another company's copyrighted or trademarked materials. 

Debate over Sherlock Holmes aims to solve mystery over copyright

A California writer has challenged the estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes and the author of a series of books and stories featuring the detective. At issue was Doyle's consulting detective as intellectual property and whether the copyright running out of most of the stories featuring the character meant that Holmes could be considered as being in the public domain. If so, writers and other content creators would be able to make new adventures for the resident of 221B Baker Street without paying royalties; if not, Doyle's descendants would legally have to be paid for using the character through 2022.

Documenting ownership of intellectual property

Entrepreneurs in California may be aware of some of that state's laws concerning intellectual property. California is one of the few states that expressly prohibits employers from requiring an employee to assign their inventions to their employer if the invention was developed on the employee's own time and with their own resources. State laws throughout the United States vary on some aspects of ownership of intellectual property, such as adequate consideration for assignment of an invention.

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