Registering Your Patent, Trademark Or Copyright

At Costello Law Corporation, we work closely with inventors, entrepreneurs and small to midsize businesses to transform their ideas into legal registrations. We have extensive experience working with every form of intellectual property in many different industries.

To speak with an attorney about registering your idea, product, service, logo or other intellectual property item, contact our Sacramento law firm. We have assisted countless California inventors and businesses in obtaining the protection for their valuable ideas.

The Benefits of Registration

Whether you are at the beginning stages of an idea or have already begun production, registration of your intellectual property is extremely important. Registration can help you establish ownership of your idea, and prevent competitors from exploiting your ideas without paying you for the privilege of doing so. A small list of the benefits of registration are:

  • Helps you obtain venture or investment capital
  • Protects your property using defensive and offensive strategies
  • Permits licensing
  • Increases your company’s value and bottom line

Guiding & Educating You

Our knowledgeable attorneys will be by your side through research, application, registration, expansion and throughout the life of your product or service. Our goal is not only to process your registration, we also want to educate you every step of the way. As the owner of a valuable piece of property, you deserve to be well-informed.

If you are ready to gain protection for your intellectual property through registration, contact our lawyers at Costello Law Corporation.